In Honored Glory 2013



c in arromanches juli 2013  Arromanches, France August 2013

I´m still working on this…

It has been my third time staying in Normandy…but I can´t figure it out yet :

WHY in heaven´s name does this get under my skin so deep…

Sure there are some vague theories as to WHY ? ; but I ´ll never know.

What I do feel and dream while I´m there, is that there are still unredeemed souls.

As I visited the Omaha Military Cemetary, I was particurlarly intrigued by the grave of an unknown soldier.

“ In Honored Glory “  ( Here rests „in honored glory“ a comrade in arms known but to God) is a tribute

to one of many souls who might still look for redemption.

It turned out to be a very young soldier.

Next year it will be 70 years ago : just about a man´s lifetime.

It is present enough to remember and pay tribute to all redeemed and unredeemed souls, on both sides.