For several good reasons I decided to leave for Normandy once more.

My first stop was in Lisieux. I wasn´t sure if Sainte Thérèse was „at home“ touring the world, but I wanted to get as close as possible. Later this year or in 2016 you might find out why.

Lisieux connection Joan of Arc  IMG_6171

Coincidentally in Bayeux : an interesting exhibition about her.

bayeux cathedral ex. St. Theresia 20150712_171614

Manoir d´Argouges in Vaux sur Aure.

vaux sur aure 20150714_081751

The german batteries at Longues sur Mer.

20150712_114205 longues sur mer 20150712_120049

The american cemetery, Omaha Beach and feet on Utah Beach.

20150712_124425 20150713_161804 20150714_170709

Sainte Mère Église

Sainte Mère Église IMG_6195

and wonderful Sainte Marie du Mont.

Des soldats amÈricains assistent ‡ une messe en l'Èglise de Sainte-Marie-du-Mont le dimanche 11 juin 1944. voir ici:

Des soldats amÈricains assistent ‡ une messe en l’Èglise de Sainte-Marie-du-Mont le dimanche 11 juin 1944.
voir ici:

For my upcoming exhibition I „found“ this helmet in Sainte Marie du Mont and took it to Sword Beach the next day,

believing it is a british helmet.


But then, I didn´t look right.. twice

G.S.W MK I 1942 P GSW MK I 1942 P . First of all

It is not a Mk II, but a Mk I , G. S W 1942  P

and it looks like the ones worn by these soldiers. Doesn´t it?


Is it a Brodie helmet? (A converted british Mk II for the canadian army?)

Can anybody tell me?

And second, silly me: I didn´t exactly check the beach where I took the helmet-pictures.

20150715_144617 It wasn´t on Sword, where I thought I was…

This is Saint Aubin-sur-mer, close to Place du Canada. So there it is : Juno Beach.

Early in the morning : My time here is up, but I  hope…o sigh… to return again.

arromaches juli 2015 20150716_081555 Arromanches, Gold Beach.

Before I forget :

The next exhibition of the “ NORMANDY 1944 CYCLE “ is going to be in September (04.09 – 04.10.2015)

in the Bunkerkirche, Düsseldorf.

Greetings for now and welcome in the Bunkerkirche.