SKYSCAPES 2017/2018

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2017 I decided to do some more „fieldwork“. The walls of my atelier were closing in on me. I had put so many years and „Herzblut“ in my work, especially for the Roman Catholic Church, that I reached a point of deep exhaustion.  A „break“ was inevitable…

I was craving the world outside; away from my seclusion. Since I do not wish to leave my base in Düsseldorf, I looked for an assignment or job that would allow me to travel more and to combine it with my work as an artist. I have found this possibility in my new work as a flight attendant and it teaches me more than I expected.  Not only did I pick up my passion for photography again, I find many lessons and new experiences in what I do for a living these days. Things that would have been impossible to learn in the solitude of my atelier. My fieldwork looks more like working on fields made of clouds. I do find joy in a humble way;  taking care of people and being responsible for their comfort and safety. But in a special way, I also learn to see through the eyes of heaven. Don´t get me wrong; „looking down“ on Earth has improved my perspective on -, and my empathy with, this planet and its creatures.

In the winters of 2015/2016/2017, I have also spent a lot of effort in writing about the St. Bruno Way of the Cross. Since people kept asking me for something to read about it, I started to make a document which eventually became a guide to understand the whole and details of this work. It is written in German and I will only deliver the „guide“ on demand.

K R E U Z W E G    S T. B R U N O   K I R C H E   D Ü S S E L D O R F   
S I E B E N  S T A T I O N E N  +  S I E B E N  T R Ä U M E

So please, write me an email, a Whatsapp or Whatever if you are interested.

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