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cyn 1986



1993  Baarlo, NL by Frank Lötfering in 1993


by Ioana Luca, 2009


The Great-Grandmothers-Inspiration: 
As I was going through old family-pictures, I looked for a different kind of „spirit-catching“ hoping to find some resemblance with my own face. I chose my great-grandmothers on both sides of the family. They are  important „pieces“ to this personal puzzle that is slowly coming together. These somehow archetypical great-grandmothers show me the way:  My roots have always been kinda blurry, which is maybe interesting and a rich source for my art, but it also caused me some trouble in finding „my kind“ …. But then ; eventually, the ugly duckling found the other swans too…didn´t it ?
The picture of Maria ( Claessens) Breuers was taken in the beginning of the 20th century in Venlo, Netherlands. The picture of Caroline Tokaya was made in Java.


Maria and Caroline                                


Mom and Dad



Theo en Truus Driessen-Görtz

I also grew up on their shoulders: The beloved Truus en Theo Driessen-Görtz, 1945

1979 Cynthia Arromanches 1 web.

Arromanches, Normandy 1980

8 Kommentare

  1. slowly the pieces come together, more peace is achieved by comprehension towards your karmic roots. means to know why you are here. well, we like to take it personal. But is it not that we are all daughters and sons of the sacred masculine and feminine? The children of God.
    love you lots
    love and light


    Gefällt 1 Person


  2. I never saw that picture of my grand mother Claessens Breuers before! What a surprise. Love to have a high resolution one.
    Dominique Claessens
    Los Angeles



  3. Hello, my name is Ron Andes. My ancestors were from Indonesia (Celebes/java) One of my grand mothers was mrs Tokaya. She lived between 1825 and 1900. She was married with Johannes Andes. have you ever heard of Andes in your family?



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