The COMPLETE 1994 „Atlantic Assembly“ PLAYLIST

12 tracks

Atlantic Assembly Musicians:
Cynthia Tokaya (vocals/piano) Pierre Wrobbel (Guitars)  Martin Zieburg (percussion)
Hans Steingen (keyboards /drums) Markus Groszek (bass)
Frank Kirchner (saxophone)

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Cynthia Tokaya and Pierre Wrobbel  1993  Le Doc, Düsseldorf


City on the Mountain

A city on a mountain cannot be hidden


( You are the light of the world; a city on a mountain cannot be hidden / Ihr seid das Licht der Welt; eine Stadt, die oben auf einem Berg liegt, kann nicht verborgen sein   Mt 5,14 )


Photo taken on a proceeding flight with AB June  / close to Geneva

Edited today: Kunst in Kirchen



About catching Planes…

„Catch a Plane“  2017, Oil on Canvas  100 x 120 CM

I´m catching airplanes lately… Not like the figure that reminds me of Édith Piaf while singing on stage. She is catching or holding a white airplane and she´s looking at the crow with the hat. Is it conducting the music or are they discussing the matter ; about the girl in red holding on to the edge?