SKYSCAPES 2017/2018

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2017 I decided to do some more „fieldwork“. The walls of my atelier were closing in on me. I had put so many years and „Herzblut“ in my work, especially for the Roman Catholic Church, that I reached a point of deep exhaustion.  A „break“ was inevitable…

I was craving the world outside; away from my seclusion. Since I do not wish to leave my base in Düsseldorf, I looked for an assignment or job that would allow me to travel more and to combine it with my work as an artist. I have found this possibility in my new work as a flight attendant and it teaches me more than I expected.  Not only did I pick up my passion for photography again, I find many lessons and new experiences in what I do for a living these days. Things that would have been impossible to learn in the solitude of my atelier. My fieldwork looks more like working on fields made of clouds. I do find joy in a humble way;  taking care of people and being responsible for their comfort and safety. But in a special way, I also learn to see through the eyes of heaven. Don´t get me wrong; „looking down“ on Earth has improved my perspective on -, and my empathy with, this planet and its creatures.

In the winters of 2015/2016/2017, I have also spent a lot of effort in writing about the St. Bruno Way of the Cross. Since people kept asking me for something to read about it, I started to make a document which eventually became a guide to understand the whole and details of this work. It is written in German and I will only deliver the „guide“ on demand.

K R E U Z W E G    S T. B R U N O   K I R C H E   D Ü S S E L D O R F   
S I E B E N  S T A T I O N E N  +  S I E B E N  T R Ä U M E

So please, write me an email, a Whatsapp or Whatever if you are interested.

The COMPLETE 1994 „Atlantic Assembly“ PLAYLIST

12 tracks

Atlantic Assembly Musicians:
Cynthia Tokaya (vocals/piano) Pierre Wrobbel (Guitars)  Martin Zieburg (percussion)
Hans Steingen (keyboards /drums) Markus Groszek (bass)
Frank Kirchner (saxophone)

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Cynthia Tokaya and Pierre Wrobbel  1993  Le Doc, Düsseldorf


City on the Mountain

A city on a mountain cannot be hidden


( You are the light of the world; a city on a mountain cannot be hidden / Ihr seid das Licht der Welt; eine Stadt, die oben auf einem Berg liegt, kann nicht verborgen sein   Mt 5,14 )


Photo taken on a proceeding flight with AB June  / close to Geneva

Edited today: Kunst in Kirchen



About catching Planes…

„Catch a Plane“  2017, Oil on Canvas  100 x 120 CM

I´m catching airplanes lately… Not like the figure that reminds me of Édith Piaf while singing on stage. She is catching or holding a white airplane and she´s looking at the crow with the hat. Is it conducting the music or are they discussing the matter ; about the girl in red holding on to the edge?


Kapelle Müschen / Bad Laer 
Entwurf + Fenster
Das fünfte Fenster: (Violett-Blau) trägt den Titel „Gottes Wege sind unergründlich“ Jesaja 55. V 9 „ Denn (so viel) der Himmel höher ist als die Erde, so sind meine Wege höher als eure Wege und meine Gedanken als eure Gedanken“
Gott ist die Liebe und wird hier symbolisch als Licht von dem Mond reflektiert. Da wir Ihn, also Gott nicht anschauen können: Sein Antlitz, Sein gewaltiges Licht nicht erfassen/ertragen könnten.    „Gottes Licht“ wäre im Betracht des Mondes nur das Licht der Sonne was reflektiert wird. Aber Gottes Wege sind unergründlich und seine Gedanken höher als unsere.